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Welcome to the website of Ethics Secretariat

The Ethics Secretariat is an Independent Department of the Government under the President’s Office which is established under Article 132 of the 1977 Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania. Its main function is to implement the Public Leadership Code of Ethics Act, No. 13 of 1995 (Chapter 398), specifically to monitor the ethical behavior and conduct of Public Leaders.

This website is a gateway to the useful information on promotion and enforcement of ethical principles and ethics which are obligatory requirements   to be observed by all Public Leaders in the course of implementing their official responsibilities as per the Public Leadership Code. The aim of imposing these Principles is to enhance Public confidence to the integrity of Public Leaders and in the decision making process in the Government.

By visiting this website at Public Leaders, customers and stakeholders are able to access information on the Historical background of the Ethics Secretariat, the  Public Leadership Code of Ethics Act, No. 13 of 1995 (Chapter 398), different Regulations  and the Ethics Secretariat’s, Vision, Mission and Core Values. Besides, the Website portrays the Organization Structure, Ethics Newsletter, different publications and Assets and Liabilities Declaration Form. It is my sincere hope that the presence of  the Declaration Forms will easien timely accessibility and submissions of Forms by Public Leaders.

I call upon all Public Leaders, Customers and stakeholders to visit our Website so as to be well informed on the main functions of the Ethics Secretariat. There is an adage  which say that “Information is power”, the information on the website joins our endeavor in monitoring the ethical behavior and conduct of Public Leaders. Your cooperation is of paramount importance in reaching the Ethics Secretariat’s Vision; “To be the centre of excellence for the efficient and effective promotion and enforcement of ethical principles”.Read More

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